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Glenn Povéy - Actor

   Detective Schrodinger (Principal)

   Film (Short)


Mathieu Nolhier

Zerma Productions

London - UK

   Kyle (Principal)

   TV Series


Billy Simms ~ Deren Stevens

High Rise Productions Ltd

London - UK

   Levin (Co-Star)

   Film (Short)

She Played The Piano

Sheridan Cassidy

Riverside Productions

London - UK

   Mr Cage (Principal)

   Film (Short)

The Crystal Egg

Mike Archer

Old Lamp Films Ltd

London - UK

   Refugee (Featured)

   Film (Feature)

Patient Zero

Stefan Ruzowitzky

Screen Gems - Shepperton Studios

London - UK

   Gypsy Ainsworth (Principal)

   Film (Short)

The Hamster

Elisa Spigariol


London - UK

   Baggage Handler (Featured)

   TV (Commercial)

The French Strikers

Tom Fuller (featuring Teddy Sheringham)

Motion Picture House Ltd

London - UK

   Prisoner (Featured)

   TV (Sky One Series)


Steve Connelly

Working Title TV - Wimbledon Studios

London - UK

   Mr Johnson (Principal)

   Film (Feature)

Wars of the World

Joshua Hughes

Warbird film productions Ltd

London - UK

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